Introduction to the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - 3rd Edition (ECERS-3)

The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) was designed to assess process quality by looking at what children directly experience in their Early Childhood classroom. This session will introduce participants to the newly updated ECERS tool, the ECERS-3, which will be used to assess Preschool for All and Preschool for All Expansion programs. The ECERS-3 includes improvements in both content and administration and relies on classroom observations with greater emphasis on interactions, the teacher’s role, language & literacy, and math.  Participants will explore this quality improvement tool as a guide in creating early childhood environments and learning experiences that result in positive outcomes for children.

Learner objectives for ECERS-3
Participants will:
Compare the differences between ECERS-R the ECERS-3 and discuss their use as a quality improvement tool; Identify and define the terms used throughout the scale; Explore the subscales with an emphasis on new items in Language and Literacy, Math, and Individualized Teaching and Learning; Identify the criteria used for quality interactions throughout the subscales; Discuss and analyze video examples to increase understanding of the ECERS-3 Subscales and Items; Develop an action plan for implementation of program improvement

Assistant Principals
Home Visitors
Parent Educators
Teacher Assistants
CUR = Curriculum
Levels of learning

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