AA #1883 Introduction to the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - 3rd Ed (ECERS-3)

Early childhood programs make a difference for all children including those most at risk! If you have a program funded by ISBE or DHS, this webinar will introduce you to the EC Environment Rating Scale (ECERS 3). ECERS 3 is designed to provide a valid measure of global quality in early learning environments. For ISBE Preschool for All or PFA Expansion program, this is the instrument used for program monitoring so make sure you are familiar with this tool to support your implementation of high quality early learning classrooms.  

AA Credit Policy - In order to receive Administrator Academy credit, the Illinois State Board of Education requires attendance during the entire workshop/webinar. Individuals arriving late or leaving early, for any reason, are not eligible for Academy credit.


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AA #1883 Open
9am - 12pm

3-Hour Webinar

Instructors: Cindy Beabout and Kathy Villano

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