Administrator Forum Session VII - The Continuous Quality Improvement Plan (CQIP): Practices of Program Excellence

This 90-minute session is designed to support program administrators as they work to meet ISBE expectations for a continuous quality improvement (CQIP) process that promotes cycles of growth for their PFA/PFAE programs. The session will address developing and updating the CQIP based on the ISBE Compliance Checklist and ECERS-3 monitoring reports. It will also explore strategies to engage all members of the Early Childhood team in ongoing CQIP practices that build excellence in program systems.

Session objectives:
• to understand the purpose of the CQIP timeline.
• to identify how to use monitoring data to develop the initial CQIP.
• to learn how to engage all members of the early childhood team in developing and updating the CQIP, particularly engaging the teaching team in identifying the focus areas for the ECERS CQIP.
• to understand how to embed CQIP practices throughout the year to build excellence in program systems.
• to understand how to use the CQIP update process to reflect on past work, and use monitoring data and self-assessment data to develop new goals.   

Gateways Topics: Program Assessment (ERS, Accreditation, etc.), Program Planning and Management, Staff Development and Training
Gateways Content Areas: (D) Curriculum or Program Design, (G) Personal and Professional Development
Gateways CDC Content Areas: (5) Program Management

Session VII Flyer

Assistant Principals
Home Visitors
Parent Educators/Family Specialists
School Psychologists
Social Workers
Speech/Language Pathologists
Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
ADM = Administration & Leadership
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