Building Children's Resilience through Literature - Part I

Developing children’s resilience is very important during this challenging time in our society. Many children have been exposed to traumatic experiences in their lives. As educators, it is our goal to support them academically and social/emotionally. Resilience-based teaching and learning is a lens that educators can incorporate during their daily read-alouds to support children. Part I of this three-part series will provide an overview of how we can plan and implement read alouds with a resilience-based approach to learning. This will be an opportunity to teach children to understand and use the seven factors of resilience that can help them in the process of overcoming adversity.

Building Children's Resilience through Literature Part II
December 5, 2022

In part II of this series, participants will see new resilience-based literature that will support the implementation of meaningful conversations with children. Attendees will be introduced to new methods and strategies that will prepare them to ask higher order thinking questions to children with the goal of developing critically thinking students. We will take some time to share attendees’ child created storybooks in progress. The group will also take the time to analyze and interpret children’s storybook drawings and plan together to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of the students.

Building Children's Resilience through Literature Part III
February 13, 2023

In this third and final part of the series, participants will see new resilience-based literature to connect with previous explored content. Attendees will explore how everyday storybooks can be read with a resilience-based lens. We will take some time to share attendees’ completed child created storybooks for the purpose of analyzing and interpreting children’s creations. Finally, participants will engage in a brainstorming activity to plan how they can incorporate a resilience-based approach to teaching and learning throughout the school year.

Gateways Topics: Early Literacy, Health & Safety, Interactions with Children
Gateways Content Area: (E) Interactions, Relationships and Environments
Gateways CDA Content Area: (3) Social/Emotional

Assistant Principals
Home Visitors
Occupational Therapists
Parent Educators/Family Specialists
Physical Therapists
School Psychologists
Social Workers
Speech/Language Pathologists
Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
S/E = Social/Emotional Development
Levels of learning

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1.5-Hour Webinar, 3-Part Webinar Series

Instructor: Allen Rosales

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