Learning the ABCs: Alphabet Knowledge in Preschool

We know that recognizing and naming the letters of the alphabet is a key skill on the road to reading, and we’ve seen young children’s delight when they find “their” letter! But many of us have also seen children struggle to learn letters or avoid letters activities. In this session we will strengthen our skills at helping preschool children learn the alphabet. We will start by investigating how children actually learn letters. We will then examine what research shows are the most effective ways to support children’s alphabet knowledge. Though we can address only a limited number of activities in one webinar, we will explore a few in detail and establish some general guidelines for selecting and implementing others.

Gateways Topic: Early Literacy
Gateways Content Areas: (D) Curriculum or Program Design
Gateways CDC Content Areas: (8) Child Development

Assistant Principals
Home Visitors
Occupational Therapists
Parent Educators/Family Specialists
Physical Therapists
School Psychologists
Social Workers
Speech/Language Pathologists
Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
LA = Language Arts/Literacy
Levels of learning

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