Learning Standards (For Best Results…Follow Instructions)

Webinar 1 in a series of 6

Learning standards provide reasonable expectations for the growth, development and learning that guide evidenced based teaching practices, strategies, and techniques.  When standards are used to enhance and enrich implementing the curriculum, sustainable positive outcomes can be realized for educators, all learners, and their families. Together we will explore and examine the standards. Participants will then discover ways to integrate the standards across learning domains, enhance planning, and enrich play-based, inquiry-based learning that bring the standards to life in a variety of learning environments.

Gateways Topic: Curriculum Preschool
Gateways Content Area: (D) Curriculum or Program Design
Gateways CDA Content Area: (8) Child Development

Webinar 2 | 11/16/2021
Developmentally Appropriate Practice (Reaching and Teaching Students Where They Are)
Webinar 3 | 12/1/2021
Implementing an Integrated Curriculum: Equitable, Responsive, Inclusive and Sustainable
Webinar 4 | 1/11/2022
Observation and Assessment (We know we are teaching...Are the students learning?)
Webinar 5 | 2/2/2022
Defining an Early Childhood Multi-Tiered System of Supports Framework (Putting It All Together)

Webinar 6 | 3/2/2022
Creating and Implementing an Early Childhood Multi-Tiered System of Supports Evidenced Based Framework (Working Smarter Not Harder)

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Parent Educators/Family Specialists
School Psychologists
Social Workers
Speech/Language Pathologists
Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
CUR = Curriculum
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Instructor: Antoinette Taylor

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