Recognizing Trauma & Its Impact on Young Children: Implications for Early Childhood Teacher Educators

How to recognize post-traumatic reactions in young children.
Becoming familiar with the impact of trauma exposure on early learning and other key areas of functioning.
An introduction to how working with traumatized children in the classroom can impact teachers.
Where to find additional trauma-informed resources for educators and family members.

Gateways Topics: Interactions with Children, Wellness
Gateways Content Areas: (E) Interactions, Relationships and Environments
Gateways CDC Content Areas: (3) Social/Emotional

Assistant Principals
Home Visitors
Occupational Therapists
Parent Educators/Family Specialists
Physical Therapists
School Psychologists
Social Workers
Speech/Language Pathologists
Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
S/E = Social/Emotional Development
Levels of learning

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