Physical Development and Health

The domain of Physical Development and Health includes Preschool Benchmarks in: Movement Skills, Rules and Safety During Physical Activity, Team-Building Skills, Principles of Health Promotion and Prevention, and Human Body Systems.

The teaching of physical development and health at the preschool level plays a significant role across the major developmental domains. A strong foundation of physical activity, healthy eating habits, and general health practices will provide each child with the necessary skills and behaviors to be able to benefit from the learning environment and to lead an active, healthy life.

Explore the Physical Development and Health activities below:

  • "DANGER!", "WATCH-OUT!", "BE CAREFUL!," These are the warning words that signal an unsafe situation may occur. Talking to your child about possible dangers in their environment gives them the knowledge needed to avoid these situations. 

  • Children need to move their body to release energy. Movement helps the child to explore and makes him feel good and increases self confidence. Healthy children are ready to listen and learn.