Sharing and Taking Turns


Sharing and turn taking is a challenging skill that young need to learn. By modeling these skills your child will begin to follow your lead and recognize when sharing materials and waiting his or her turn are the right things to do.

Tools and Materials

Card games such as Go Fish; board games such as Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, Candy Land (may check out at your library)

Steps to take

Steps detailed below

At Home

If you have more time

  • At mealtime, point out to your child as members of the family take turns getting their food, their drinks, talking. Encourage your child by saying "I like how you are waiting?" and pointing out when it is someone else's turn. Talk about sharing the food. Take turns sharing what happened during the day.
  • Before children start to play, talk to them about sharing and what toys they are willing to share with others. NOTE: Praise your child when you see him or her taking the steps to share materials or wait their turn. Your positive words will encourage this behavior to continue.
  • Play games that involve taking turns and sharing materials.
  • Read familiar books and take turns with your child to turn the page or reading a line.

On the Go

If you have more time   

  • At the store- point out that we have to wait until our turn to check out.
  • At the park, take turns on the slide, swing, etc
  • When at a stop sign or stop light, talk to your child about waiting and when it is "our turn".

Words to Know

Sharing    Waiting    Rules

Possible Observations

Shares materials or toys; takes turns playing a game; waits for a turn at the playground or park; listens to a book