Who's in My Family


Every family is different. Encourage your child to recognize and celebrate all families.

Tools and Materials

Photos, stories, maps, special family objects, traditions and favorite foods

Steps to take

Steps detailed below

At Home

If you have 3 minutes

  • When getting ready for bed talk about who is in your family. Bring up your family in conversations with your child. Use the words brother, sister, niece, aunt, etc.
  • When sitting together with the family at mealtime talk about who is at the table- using their name and their relationship (brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother,  grandfather).

If you have more time

  • Have your child draw a picture of the family. Help them label
  • the members of the family. Play dress up and have your child dress like other family members.
  • Use family photos to talk about your family. Find pictures of families in books and magazines-how are they the same or different?
  • Have parents or grandparents talk about their childhood.

On the Go

If you have 3 minutes   

  • Play "I'm thinking of' and give clues like someone who is taller than you, has brown hair, who has taken a plane to visit us, etc.
  • Talk about family members who are not there. Explain that grandmother is mom or dad's mother; uncle is mom or dad's brother, etc.
  • Talk about each family member's hair color, eyes, interests, hobbies. Talk about the roles of each family member and each member's responsibilities.

If you have more time

  • Play "Remember the time when.." and talk about something that has happened in the recent past- like a birthday party or visiting a relative.

Words to Know

Family  Mother  Father  Sister    Brother    Uncle    Aunt Cousin    Grandparent    Relative Same/different

Possible Observations

Use words to describe family members; names family members by relationship; learns family history; explores and builds family identity; identifies people in photographs