Being able to communicate information through writing, speaking or through signs and body language opens up a world of opportunities to your child. The conversations your child has with adults and peers in the preschool years shapes their ability to communicate throughout life. 

Tools and Materials

None needed

Steps to take

When teaching your child basic personal data, tell your child this is his/her special information. This will give a sense of ownership over these facts.

At Home

If you have 3 minutes

  • Talk to your child about his/her basic information. Discuss your child's name, age, gender, and members of the family. Discuss with your child, your address and phone number.

 If you have more time

  • Involve your child in the planning of a birthday party, event or even a play-date. Talk about invitations and what they are. Ask your child, "What will your friends need to know to come to the party?" Ask your child questions such as, "Do your friends know where we live?"
  • Help your child call the pizza parlor or place your order on the internet. (some restaurants have trackers to show the progress of your order).
  • Have your child write a letter to a friend or write a thank you note for a gift. Address the envelope with your child, put a stamp on it and send it via snail mail!

On the Go

If you have 3 minutes    

  • Before leaving to drop in on a friend or family member, have your child call and say you are on the way. They can also ask if you can bring anything that person needs to their home ("Grandma we are on the way to your house? Can we bring something for lunch?")

If you have more time

  • Have your child place his/her own order with the server at a restaurant or in the drive-thru, at the deli counter at the grocery, or at the bakery.
  • Show your child on the internet how to search for the book his teacher read and he really likes. See if your library has the book (many libraries can also borrow books from other libraries). If you are notified by phone or email that your book is ready, point out this notification to your child and go get the book, already waiting for him/her!

Words to Know

internet   invitation    information    talk    communicate mail    e-mail

Possible Observations

Answers questions; gives name and address when asked; shares information; communicates for various purposes; expresses wants; participates in conversations