Reading & Writing for the Fun of It


By providing opportunities for children to engage with books and writing on a regular basis you increase children's motivation to be life-long readers and writers.

Tools and Materials

Books, comfortable light, pillows, blankets, cuddle toys, various writing tools, watercolor paints, a variety of paper, computer or handheld device

Steps to take

*HINT-many commercially made workbooks can turn children off to reading/writing and don't allow for creativity. It is best to offer plain paper which invites your child to explore.

At Home

  • Look for books that are of interest to your child (if your child like trains, go to the library and find fiction AND non-fiction books on trains. Even resource books can fascinate young children with their real-life illustrations).
  • Your child may not like the books you liked as a child and you may find reading his/her favorite book about a little truck tiresome, you can temporarily retire a book you've read over and over or simply ask your child to pick another. Arrange your books so a new selection you think your child might like is readily available.
  • Make your child's reading space comfortable and inviting. Include comfortable light, pillows, blankets, and cuddle toys. Your child may like to read sitting in a chair or relaxing on the floor.
  • Provide your child with many options for writing and drawing.

On the Go

If you have more time:   

  • As soon as your child is old enough make sure he has his own library card at your local library. Being able to hand over their own card to take out the book they picked makes the experience personal and special!
  • Use a clipboard, paper and writing tools for on the go writing! Bring along one or two books on car trips.

Words to Know

Reading    Independent    Fiction    Non-fiction

Possible Observations

Looks at books independently; holds books correctly; turns pages; chooses books to look at; draws pictures; handles writing and drawing tools