Writing a Message


You are never to young to write. While your child's scribbles may not look like writing to you, they are the first steps to being a life-long writer. Over the years, these marks will begin to look more and more like letters.

Tools and Materials

Use a computer, iPad, iPod or other handheld device for sending email. Or use paper, envelopes, postcards to send by regular mail.

Steps to take

Let your child see you write from early on and let them write as soon as they can hold that first chubby crayon!

At Home

If you have more time

  • Use opportunities to have your child send a message. Create a text message, email, or note to some other member in the family to communicate information about something that happened, something they need to do, someplace they are going, etc.
  • Send a postcard, letter, or email to relatives who live far away. For an email or text message, have your child tell you what to write.
  • Listen as your child gives you his/her thoughts and write them down. Then read back to your child what she/he has said.

On the Go

If you have more time   

  • Make a grocery list with your child.
  • Riding in the car talk about a recent experience. Ask who would you like to tell about it?    
  • A family member or a friend. Talk about what you would tell them.

Words to Know

Message    Postcard    List    Story    Experience

Possible Observations

Scribbles in pretend writing; attempts to write some letters; writes letters or words; holds crayons, pencils or markers; shares an experience or story