Learning New Things


We learn best from what we already know. Children relate new situations with past experiences. If your child creates a zoo, they base their creation on the past experience of having been to or seen a zoo. Our knowledge of past experiences is a key to future learning.

Tools and Materials

None needed

Steps to take

Steps detailed below

At Home

If you have more time

  • Talk about the weather report. Ask your child how he/she thinks they should dress today. Ask questions about the weather - "Is it cold outside?", "Is it raining?", "What do you need to wear?", "What do you need to take with you?"

On the Go

If you have more time  

  • When going to a new place, for example a new park or new store, have your child tell you about the park or store they have been to before. Ask him/her "What do you think you will see at the new park or new store?" Ask your child what he/she likes or did not like about the new park.
  • If your child is interested in a topic - like animals, plants, ocean life, go to the library and get more information. Ask your child, "What would you like to know about?"
  • Take a walk -- Observe what you see. Listen to what you hear. Ask questions about what you see and hear. Listen to your child's questions. Answer their questions, by helping them realize what they already know.

Words to Know

Weather    Information   

Possible Observations

Answers questions; listens; participates in a conversation; asks questions; connects old and new information; makes comparisons; seeks out new information