Learning Letters


Have you ever met 52 new people and tried to remember all their names? That's what it's like for your child as he navigates his way through these strange symbols we call the alphabet.

Tools and Materials

Magnetic letters are a great investment and tool for learning, or print letters onto index cards, alphabet shaped foods, newspapers and magazines

Steps to take

Starting with the letters in your child's name (the most important letters in his life) is a great way to start this journey.

At Home

If you have 3 minutes

  • Body Alphabet-encourage your child to join you in creating the letters of their name with their WHOLE body, for example, "Look at me, I'm a T" as your child stands with their arms stretched out at their sides. You might want to take photos of your child and family making these letters, print them, then you can make family names and other words.
  • Make or buy alphabet shaped soup, Spaghetti-O's, macaroni and cheese, pretzels or pasta. Tell your child "Eat every letter except the M's!"
  • Headlines-cut a handful of words from the newspaper or junk mail, choose a letter, see how many your child can find and circle.
  • Use magnetic letters on the fridge to have your child make his name. Sing the alphabet song and put the letters in order, spell out a word and have your child find matching letters.

On the Go

If you have 3 minutes  

  • Point out the letters in your child's name when you see them around you, encourage your child to do the same.
  • Make your magnetic letters mobile by putting them on a small, metal cookie sheet.

If you have more time

  • Be letter hunting in the car, find letters all around you, on license plates, billboards, street signs, retail signs and the like.
  • Pick a letter of the day and keep a lookout! You will find it in the most interesting places (cereal box, on the street, on your dog's tag, on your t-shirt).

Words to Know

Alphabet  Different Letters  Same Initials  Symbols  Matching Magnetic

Possible Observations

Names some letters; recognizes some letters; know first and last name; plays games with letters; finds letters of own name in newspapers, magazines, etc.; sorts letters; finds letters that are the same; puts letters of his name in order