Making Lists and Other Writing


We write to accomplish many tasks - lists, letters, checks, applications, thank you notes.

Tools and Materials

Dry erase boards, chalkboards, paper

Steps to take

Include your child in writing lists and encourage your child to make her own list. Help your child to write thank you notes for presents.

At Home

If you have more time

  • Make lists- Before going shopping have your child help you make a list of items you plan to buy or a list of the places you need to go. Help your child follow along the list to help them understand how a list guides you.
  • Ask your child to draw a picture and tell you what they drew. Help them by asking questions about their drawing. Have them write or scribble a message under the drawing, or ask them to tell you the message and then you write it.
  • Make a job list for things to do around the house. Put the list somewhere everyone in the family can see it. Check the jobs off the list as they are done.
  • Schedules can also be made for daily routines - getting ready in the morning, setting the table, getting ready for bed. Keep the routine simple.

On the Go

If you have more time

  • Talk about the plans you made for the store, talk about the routine.
  • Mail thank you notes and letters you and your child have written to friends and relatives.

Words to Know

Writing    Lists    Organize    Notes

Possible Observations

Scribbles as if to write; writes some letters or words; holds pencils, pens, crayons